Digital Cinema Xenon Lamps

Cinetech Australia is pleased to announce the availability of affordable xenon lamps for Digital Cinema applications.

PlusRite Lighting is an established specialty lighting manufacturer and enjoys a growing global market share for Xenon Lamps used for Digital Cinema Applications. Their Digital Cinema Xenon Lamp products are brighter, whiter, and have fantastic operating hours backed by a strong warranty program. The key to PlusRite's success not only lies in the design of the lamp but also the rigorous test procedures each lamp undergoes before it is distributed. PlusRite employs 'ex Ushio' engineers who design and oversee manufacturing to ensure all lamps meet the strictest quality controls. These test procedures reduce the risk of premature flicker and/or sudden failure attributed to quality control problems.

You can feel completely safe using PlusRite xenon lamps for Digital Cinema. In the event of lamp failure during the warranty period, PlusRite will replace the lamp with a 'no hassle' fast exchange. In the event of a lamp failure resulting to damage to projection components, PlusRite will cover replacement of these components.

The current price of Digital Cinema Lamps is concerning and present operating cost blow-outs for exhibitors without any valid reason. The lamps are manufactured with the same components as 35mm lamps but do less hours at double the price! It just doesn't make sense! Why pay more?

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Download Plusrite lamp specification and cross reference.