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Cinetech was formed on July 1, 2002 by Managing Director 'Nick Perry', a cinema engineer with over 20 years of industry experience.

Our portfolio includes a vast range of installation experience having completed several new multiplex builds with both 35mm and Digital Projection technology. With the backing of leading industry equipment manufacturers, Cinetech quickly secured it's place as one of the leading projection service providers in Australia. Our primary objective is to provide first class service to our customers at an affordable price. Cinetech is passionate about the industry and understands the importance of reliable projection equipment and quality on-screen presentation. Cinetech also supplies equipment and parts for any type of equipment at the most competitive prices. We supply and install the latest in Digital Cinema technology, 16/35/70mm film projection, sound processors and accessories, speakers, screens, wall drapes, foyer display panels, and much more...

Cinetech Australia's clients include Village Roadshow/Greater Union, Reading Cinemas, Palace Cinemas, and various independent cinemas from all around the country.

Cinetech is not limited to just cinema applications. We provide turn-key solutions for live theatre, night clubs, bars, restaurants, cafe's etc. Our access to a wide variety of equipment manufacturers enables us to provide the best package for any given budget.

Choose Cinetech for quality service at an affordable price. Helping you deliver the ultimate cinema experience!

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