QSC Loudspeakers

Whether it's creating a superior sonic experience or a more cost effective solution for delivering it, QSC Digital Cinema Speakers (DCS) sound better no matter how you look at them. Developed from the ground-up by a team of cinema engineering specialists, they integrate seamlessly into modern multiplex cinemas and project breath-taking sound to every seat in the house.

The Digital Cinema Series (DCS) includes 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way screen channel loudspeakers. It's a diverse collection, but every model embodies QSC attention to detail in design and construction. The result is the smartest loudspeaker line in cinema, starting with a host of innovations built into our screen channel line.

Cinetech Digital has put together some amazing cinema packages utilizing QSC loudspeaker and power amplifiers that truly rock the house!

QSC Loudspeaker Features:

The pan-tilt Assembly - The pan-tilt mechanism for mid-high components makes quick work of assembling and aligning screen channel systems. The assembly is labeled for repeatability and features a notched tilt adjustment to maintain vertical alignment.

CineSight Speaker Aiming - An exclusive integrated sight that works even after the screen has been installed, CineSight allows fast, accurate aiming without having to remove the driver.

Maximum intelligibility Midrange - The broad-range mid-frequency driver in 3- and 4-way DCS systems keeps key speech frequencies together for superb dialog intelligibility.

Convergent Mid/High Coverage - A built-in tilt to the high-frequency horns on 3- and 4-way systems provides more even convergence with the mid-range pattern, ensuring optimum seating-area coverage.

Speaker Optimized EQ Presets - Model-specific DSP presets in our DCP, DXP, DCM, BASIS™ and Q-SYS™ processors optimizing our loudspeakers for great performance right out of the box.

Driver Protection and Equalization - The driver protection and equalization network in our screen channel systems improves reliability by protecting HF drivers against damaging DC or low frequency signals.

Cinetech Digital is proud to distribute QSC Audio Products in Australia and truly believe a complete QSC cinema package delivers the best result in any size auditorium.

For current pricing please contact Cinetech Digital. For more detailed specifications and model details visit QSC Audio