Complete cinema fit-out services

Why choose Cinetech? Simple. We are the only installation company in Australia that offers a total solution for a complete cinema installation from the stage end to the projection room. That means substantial $ savings to you the exhibitor.

Cinetech Digital supplies and installs screen frames, loudspeakers, screen surfaces, projectors, audio equipment, automation, dimmers, and much more depending on the projects requirements. Cinetech only uses quality equipment from leading manufacturers world wide.

Renovating or upgrading? Cinetech offers the very best deals on equipment for your projection room of auditorium. We will find the best equipment to suit your budget and requirements. We also have a range of digital projection systems, automation units, audio systems and lighting for theatre and live venue applications including night clubs, bars, cafe's etc. To ensure we meet any deadline, equipment is typically pre-wired and tested at the Cinetech workshop so the on site installation process is carried out in a timely fashion. This allows more time for alignment and testing which ensures your equipment is installed carefully for the most reliable performance.

What we do...

Digital Cinema Projection, Content Delivery Systems, TMS
Screen Frames and Masking systems
Loudspeaker installation
Acoustical Treatment
Wall drapes
Digital Signage
Automation systems
Screen Surfaces

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Completed Installations

Some of our projects....