Screen Solutions

Screen Frames

Cinetech Australia's screen frames are made out of high quality tempered steel. We can mount screen frames to the wall (floating screen) or floor standing depending on your preference and auditorium requirements.

The frame incorporates speaker shelves, masking and curtain motor platforms and provides easy access via the several truss ladders positioned across the screen. Accessibility is essential when choosing screen frames as masking and screen service will most certainly be required after several years of operation.

Our screen frames eliminate the need for high access equipment saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. The safe design will ensure your contractors are safe at all times. Cinetech can incorporate various masking systems to archive an array of aspect ratios to suit your requirements.

We will build a screen frame as big as you need it! Our biggest to date is 25m at Village Cinemas Doncaster cinema 1.

Cinetech Australia's screen frames are not only of the highest quality, but also the most affordable. Our frames are typically 30% to 40% more cost effective than our competitors. Contact Cinetech Australia for a no obligation quote

Masking Systems

We offer several different masking configurations to suit almost any auditorium design. Our systems are designed to operate where space is limited utilising quality components that provide years of maintenance free use. All systems utilise lubricant free pulleys and nylon coated 2.5mm cable.

Side Masking Systems

The traditional masking system! Utilizing bearing driven track system for ultra smooth operation, our side masking systems can be configured in a standard two stop configuration for widescreen and cinemascope or multiple stops to allow for various film formats such as 1:66, standard, and 70mm.

Top Masking Systems

When space is limited on the sides of the screen, a top masking system can be employed to switch aspect ratios. We use a tempered steel leading edge which provides a perfectly straight mask.

Roll Down Masking

When there is simply no room available or to add another flexible aspect ratio to your screen, roll down masking can be used. Utilising european tubular motors, the system offers precise adjustment and consistent operation everytime. We custom make all roller drums to suit any application and use a variety of motor sizes to lift up to 50kg of fabric.